DIY Litter Box Fresheners

PetParents of cats know that as much as we love and adore our cats, the litter box can get a little stinky sometimes. Today we’re sharing a craft that you can put together at home in just a few moments, with your kitty snuggled on your lap! Let’s all agree now that that’s a win-win.

These are so easy! Make them for yourself, and whip up a second batch as a gift. Do you have a friend who’s recently adopted a cat? A batch of litter box fresheners will likely be a welcome addition to their home! Here’s an easy tutorial for some safe cat box air fresheners that you can make in just moments at home.

You’ll need 3 simple items:

*activated charcoal (check your local hardware store, or pet store (in the aquarium section)

*cheesecloth, burlap, or other net-like material

*twine, yarn, or string

Simply put the activated charcoal in the center of your square of fabric and tie the top with a string. Alternatively, make sachet pouches by sewing two squares together and filling with activated charcoal.

Once you’ve got these air fresheners set up near your cats litter box, it will become a place that he won’t mind spending time!

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