Dental Care For Your Dog

Taking care of your dogs teeth is a very important task as a PetParent. Although dogs are not as prone to cavities like humane, they can get life threatening diseases through their mouths. So lets brush up on oral care for your dog!

1. Brushing

You should brush your dogs teeth, and brush them on the regular. Talk to your vet about a good schedule to follow. Make sure you get a dog friendly tooth brush and toothpaste for your dog. Fluoride is poisonous to dogs, so make sure to NEVER use your tooth paste.

2. Dental Friendly Toys 

If you are looking for other ways to promote dental health in your dog, check out some dental friendly dog toys! Check out one of our favorites here!

3. Dry Food It Up

If your tooth brushing ends in disaster, you will not want to feed your dog any sort of wet food. The wet food could stick to their (bleeding) gums and cause an infection. If you are looking for a good dry food to give them, check out one of our favorite brands here!

4. No More Scraps 

Avoid feeding your dog foods that may cause tartar and buildup on their gums (like table scraps). Looking into some dry foods or treats that can help to promote your dogs health! Check out one of our favorite dental promoting dog treat here!

5. Vet it Up 

Make sure that you vet checks your dogs dental health along with their regular physical. If you dog starts to show signs of absurdly bad breath, make sure to call your vet as this could be a sign to something more serious.

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