Cheers to a Pet Safe New Years Celebration

Ringing in the New Year is a festive time indeed for us humans. Still rolling off the Holiday high from both Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Years is a fresh beginning that is anticipated by many. We use it as an excuse to gather all of our close friends for an evening of celebration, remembrance, and exuberance. The same doesn’t hold true for our pets though. In fact, New Years Eve is considered a dangerous holiday for pets, much like the Fourth of July. New Years Eve festivities and fireworks can present their own set of challenges and dangers that all PetParents should be aware of going into the holiday. Nothing will spoil your happy and festive attitude than a sick, injured or lost pet.

Tips to a Pet Safe New Years Celebration:

  • Avoid leaving alcoholic beverages within reach of your pets-alcohol is toxic to pets
  • Provide your pet with an ample amount of exercise the day of the party- this will help them better relax
  • Teach house guests the ‘rules’ to keep pets safe- closing doors quickly, no table scraps etc.
  • If loud noises (cheering, fireworks, etc.) are disturbing to you pet- give them a room to themselves for the night
  • Tinsel, confetti, and other party decor can be enticing to pets- keep them in a separate location to avoid ingestion issues (here’s a full list of Holiday Hazards)

If you’ve noticed your pets have put on a few pounds over the Holiday Season, don’t despair, we’ve got a guide to get the both of you back on track! 

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