How To Bring Your Dog To Work

Having a dog day at the office? Here are some of our tips on bringing your pooch to the office with you!

1. Dog Proof It Up 

Listen your dog is bound to get into things they are not supposed to at your office. It is best if you can dog proof it, just like you would your home. Try getting a baby gate, in case you need to block your dog off from certain parts of the office. Also make sure that your drawers are locked so your dog cannot literally eat your ‘homework’.

2. No Trash Talk 

If your dog loves tearing through your trash at home, they are going to love tearing through it in the office. You may just quickly step out for a meeting and come back to find that WWIII has happened in your trash. So make sure you throw your trash out, and also be sure the trash in other places of the office has been taken out. You don’t want Fido going through the trash in the whole office!

3. Preparation is Key

Make sure you bring exactly what you need to make sure that Fido is comfy in your office. Create for him a ‘safe’ place in your office. Get him an office dog bed that has a blanket from home your dog loves. Also make sure to bring them their food, water, and bowls for them to eat and drink out of. Also make sure to bring some treats that your dog will love, and a toy like a KONG to prevent boredom. You want to make them a home away from home so they not only feel comfortable, but safe in your office.

4. Mind Your Manners! 

Make sure to brush your pup up on their manners. You don’t want them running around like a crazy hooligan in your office. A week before the big day practice the classics like sit, stay, come, and lay down. You will save yourself and your coworkers a lot of headaches.

5. Plan The Day 

Make sure you plan much needed breaks throughout the day before you bring your pup to the office. Your pup (and you) will eventually need a much needed small walk, or a little playtime. You do not want your dog causing destruction or distraction (from boredom) while you are trying to finish that important spreadsheet!

Bringing your dog to work can be a fun experience! Make sure that you take the right steps to ensure that Fido is a positive part of your work environment and not a distraction.




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