Best Dogs For Urban Living

Do you live in a concrete jungle? Just because you are an urban dweller, it does not mean that you cannot be a wonderful PetParent while you’re at it! There are plenty of dogs out there who would love to rock the city life with you! Check out our list below of best dogs for urban living!

1. French Bulldog

Frenchies are perfect for PetParents who live in the big city. These little guys need little exercise, take up a small amount of space, and can rock that city swag with you. French bulldog’s are loving companions, and will always want to be by your side. Thanks to their size, they will be the perfect wingman for a happy hour, picnic, or a night out on the town.

2. King Charles Cavalier Spaniel 

These adorable little spaniels will love lounging with you as much as they will love walking around the city with you. A brisk walk to the local coffee shop or bar will be just the right amount of exercise for a cavalier. However if you are an active PetParent, these pets will love getting out of the city and taking a hike with you as well!

3. Yorkie 

These dogs may be small, but they have a huge personality. A Yorkie will love playing with you at the local dog park, or taking a ride in your purse to grab a coffee. They are also very loyal dogs and will always stick by their PetParent’s side. Whatever you’ve got planned as your next adventure, a yorkie is ready to be your right hand man.

4. Greyhound 

Greyhounds have been nicknamed ‘Gentle Giants’ and for good reason. These affectionate dogs truly have a gentle soul that will always stick by your side. These dogs are pretty low energy, but they would love to go on a jog around the park with their PetParent! They’ll happily doze on an outdoor patio while you brunch with friends, and will enjoy a casual walk around the city- taking in all the sights and smells.

5. Airedale 

Airedales are funny dogs with a great personalities. These little guys have just the right amount of energy that will get you out of bed and jogging in the morning. They also are pretty low maintenance and do not shed very much, which your black clothes will appreciate. Ready for a night out with friends? Find a dog friendly patio and bring your silly airedale along- they’ll have the entertainment factor more than covered.

6. Great Dane 

The Great Dane may be a large dog, but these giant dogs have gentle temperaments. They will not mind one bit if you want to Netflix binge during the polar vortex round two, or if you want to go on a quick stroll around the block. These dogs are very affectionate and will always stick by their PetParent’s side!

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