Best Dogs For Running

Are you one of those people who can just run for hours? You need a four legged companion to go with you! Check out list of best dogs for running! These pups make the ideal running companion.

1. Weimaraner 

Have you ever seen a Weimaraner not bouncing with energy? That is because it does not exist. These dogs have tons of energy and are made to run run run. These guys are totally cool if you want to go for a long 10 mile run, or a short mile sprint! But really, the longer the better! Get your sneakers on!!

2. Vizsla 

Vizsla is a dog made to run with you! These guys love jogging for miles right next to their PetParent! You can take these dogs on long distance runs as well as shorter runs with you. Their energy levels and body type makes them perfect for runners! Originally bred to hunt, they’ve got endurance and stamina to last.

3. Labradors 

Labradors are amazing dogs that are perfect for an active PetParent. These dogs are not made for long distance running, but they would like to go on mid size runs (5-7 miles) with their PetParents! These dogs also love the water, so don’t feel bad about taking your dog through the water on a run!

4. Dalmatian 

Dalmations are great running buddies for the average running PetParent! If you like to take a 5-7 mile job everyday, this dog is the perfect running companion for you. These dogs were the original ‘fire truck dogs’ and could run for miles next to horse carriages- with their long legs and slender build, they’ll have no issue keeping up.

5. Standard Poodle 

Standard Poodles are actually really good running dogs. The standard size Poodle has long legs that are great for running. The would love going on a 5 mile jog with you in the morning, or a long hike!

6. Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are great dogs to take running, especially if you live in a cooler climate. These dogs are made for long distance running in the snowy climate, so they will love running with you! Make sure though, if you live in a hot climate, to take them early in the morning before it is too hot to run.

7. Border Collie

Border Collies love running and herding naturally. These dogs will love going on a fun jog with you, or taking a longer hike! Border Collies are very loyal dogs, so they will love sticking by your side on your evening jog!


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