Best Dogs For Children

PetParents who have children at home have to do a bit more research when looking to add a canine companion to the family. Ensuring you end up with a dog that’s going to be gentle and friendly with your kids is essential to the family dynamic and safety. Certain breeds are just not fit for family life because of any number of reasons: they’re too fragile, anxious, un-tolerant, overly stimulated for a happy co-existence with children. On the other hands, many breeds of dogs are specially noted for their adoration of children and this is where families should focus their search. Here are some of the best dogs for children:

1. Border Collie

If you’ve got some land, or a fenced backyard at least, and are seeking an extremely active family dog, consider the Border Collie. One of the smartest breeds, border collies are very in-tune with the family dynamics and have a way with children. This breed requires large amounts of exercise and mental stimulation.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle giant who is known for his tenderness and fondness toward children. They are an ideal family pet, with a gorgeous and loving face. Not particularly protective or overly playful, the Bern is a ‘nanny dog’ who is also easy-going and gets along well with strangers and other pets.

3. Collies

We all know Lassie was Timmy’s best friend, and it’s completely true that collies adore children and make for wonderful family pets. They are highly intelligent and love learning new tricks and commands- teaching your collie new tricks could easily become a family affair!

4. Westies

For those looking for a small breed dog who’s good with children, the West Highland White Terrier is an easy choice.  Quite sturdily built for a small breed, Westies are active and happy and would love to play a game of catch or soccer with older children.

5. Saint Bernard

Another gentle giant makes the list. Saints are tolerant, patient, and large enough to withstand a rougher child without being injured. Their adoration of humans of any size is quite apparent and they are always where the family is, keeping watch. Saint Bernards are good with other dogs and pets making them an easy fit into many families.

6. Golden Retriever

The perpetual smiler, what ISN’T a golden good at? These dogs are always looking to please their owners, and getting along famously with the children is a natural fit for this friendly breed. Goldens enjoy water, playing fetch, walking/hiking, and are ready to go on number of adventures with the family.

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