Best Breeds for Distance Running

Are you seeking a jogging companion that can get out and hit the streets or trails and keep up with you all day? A dog who’s down for a long distance run- no matter the day, time or weather? Here are the best dog breeds for distance running:

1. Portuguese Water Dog

Bred to work with fishermen and herd fish into nets, the Portuguese Water Dog has a stamina that is unmatched by many breeds. Able to work all day long without tiring, the portie would love to run and run and run some more with you!

2. Siberian Husky

Assuming you don’t live in the middle of the desert, and it’s not 100 degrees outside, the Siberian Husky makes an ideal long distance jogging companion. They were bred to haul sleds long distances and literally have the ability to run all. day. long. This is one dog that won’t tire out on you- no matter the distance you choose to go.

3. Dalmation

As many PetParents know, the Dalmatian is the original carriage or ‘firehouse’ dog. Known for their good nature with horses, the Dalmatians would run alongside the carriage or firetruck to wherever it’s destination ended up being. They’re fit and capable of running long distances at a steady pace and make a great training partner for a long distance runner.

4. Rhodesian Ridgeback

This is one breed that’s known for its stamina and ability to remain on the move. Seemingly inexhaustible, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a great training partner who will hold you to a daily routine.

5. Coonhound

Coonhounds can and will run for miles upon miles, hours on end, after the scent of a raccoon. In an urban setting, they are more than happy to jog alongside their human companion for as long as you’re able to go. Their long legs and overall size make them ideal for distance running.

6. German Shorthaired Pointer

Here is a hunting breed that’s been specifically noted for its endurance and stamina. Many GSP owners will bicycle while their dogs run alongside- further proving this breed is a true distance runner. Strong, sturdy, and loyal, the German Shorthaired Pointer will keep running alongside you as long and far as you’re willing to go- then he’ll race you back home- and beat you there!

If you’re not into long distance running, but still enjoy a good jog each day- check out our list of best dogs for running companions!

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