Best Breeds for Apartment Dwellers

Living in an apartment can limit the size of dog you can have, but it does not mean you cannot have an amazing pup. There are tons of small to mid size dogs that will not only fit in your apartment but fulfill your life. Check out these best breeds for apartment dwellers!

1. Boston Terrier 

If you are looking for a polite dog to join you in your apartment, check out the Boston Terrier. This little pup is known for his good manners. Which means, you will not be disturbing your neighbors with a barking dog. They also do not need a heavy amount of exercise. So a nice walk around the block or some time in the local dog park will be perfect for them!

2.Yorkshire Terrier 

Yorkies are great apartment pets. First and foremost, the Yorkie is a small dog, so they will not take up a lot of space. They Yorkie also has great apartment manners. This little guy will not be barking at people passing by your apartment, or other noises. They also are very friendly dogs, and will play well with other people and pets.

3. French Bulldog 

This is a small dog with a big dog’s personality! This little guy is a great friend to have in your apartment! These funny little guys have great apartment manners, and do not require a lot of activity. In fact, the french bulldog’s nasal canal is not built well for heavy breathing. So a nice walk around the block will be plenty of exercise for this pup!

4. Great Dane 

Great Danes may seem like an odd choice for an apartment, but these couch potato loving dogs are perfect for any apartment dweller. These quiet gentle giants are perfect for your apartment, no matter what size it is. They will be perfectly content hanging out with you watching Netflix all day. If you are a runner, these dogs will love going for a jog with you!

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

This little guy is an affectionate breed that will love snuggling with you on your couch. Cavies will not take up a lot of space in your apartment, and they have lovely apartment manners. You neighbors will surely appreciate that your dog is not waking them up in the middle of the night with their shrieking barks. They also will not require a great amount of exercise, so taking them on a nice stroll around the neighborhood will be good for them.

6. Bulldog 

This good natured dog, is a low-activity pup that will make a great apartment dog. Bulldogs are well mannered and friendly. When we say low-activity level, these pups are cool with a short walk outside and then back to the nice air conditioned apartment!

7. Scottish Terrier 

These bold little dogs make excellent apartment companions. While they are great watchdogs, they are not known to bark incessantly, which your neighbors will love. They do have more of an activity level, and playful demeanor. Some durable toys, and a few extra minutes of playtime will suite a scottie just fine.



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