5 Ways to Love Your Pet on Valentine’s Day!

Thank you to the Austin Animal Center for these great tips! Learn more about the Austin Animal Center here and adopt your next pup or cat from your local shelter!

1. Diet

Your pet has different dietary needs than a human being. It may be tempting, but avoid feeding your animal companion table scraps, because many human foods can harm your pet. Buy suitable pet treats instead, taking care not to over feed your pet. Check out some of our favorite treats here!

2. Medical Check-ups

Just like humans, pets require routine check-ups. Take your pet to a reputable veterinarian for regular preventative care. During your visit, ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date, and purchase flea, tick and heart worm prevention to avoid potential health problems for your pets. Keep your pet’s health records in a secure location. Don’t wait until your pet becomes ill before you bring him for a regular visit!

3. Spay/Neuter

An average litter of 5-7 puppies for each stray dog, and 6-9 kittens per stray cat ensures that animal over-population will continue to be an epidemic problem for many years to come. Help control the pet population by having your pet spayed or neutered. It’s inexpensive, and substantially less than the cost of caring, feeding and finding homes for the homeless offspring. For more information, contact your local animal center or vet.

4. Exercise

Pets crave love and attention, and also require lots of play time. Throw a ball, toss the Frisbee, grab a piece of yarn, or play tug-of-war with a favorite chew toy. Grab the leash and take your dog for a walk in the sunshine! Exercise has the same health and mental benefits for animals as it does for humans. It can help reduce the risk of arthritis, joint disease, and diabetes while also giving your pet an outlet for his excess energy. Looking for a great toy? Check out some of our favorites here!

5. Safety and Protection

Loving your pet means keeping them safe. Ensure home fencing is in adequate shape to prevent your pet from escaping or possible injury! Make sure they are securely leashed or crated if you take them out with you. Never leave your pets in cars on warm days. Dogs and cats should have a proper method of identification, including collars with tags (pet ID and Rabies) and a microchip. Ensure that your pet is safe from unwanted encounters with wild animals, as well as vehicles, harmful insects, and other dangers lurking in your neighborhood.


Austin Animal Center

The goal of the Austin Animal Center is to place all adoptable animals in forever homes through adoptions, foster care or rescue partner groups. Austin Animal Center, the largest municipal animal shelter in Central Texas, provides shelter to 23,000 animals annually and services to Austin/Travis County. This facility accepts stray and owned animals regardless of age, health, species or breed.

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