2014 PetParent New Years Resolutions!

2014 is going to be a big year PetParents! We are so excited for what this new year can bring for us and our pets! 2014 will bring a lot of new things, including the (drumroll please) PetParent mobile app and website! ‘GASP’ in awe! We are so excited to unveil to you our new mobile app and website (coming to selected cities soon), both of which are here to help you be a better PetParent! Speaking of being a better PetParent, lets look at some NYE resolutions to help you be a better PetParent!

2014 PetParent New Years Resolutions that you need to make right meow! 

1. Playdates!

Listen, watching hours on end of Netflix is not ok. GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. Your dog is also probably bored of watching ‘Friends’ as well. Schedule a doggie play date with your other PetParent friends! Go to a park or hiking and maybe bring a fun picnic for everyone. Your pup will love hanging out with other dogs, and seeing other humans (other than netflix) will be a great change of scenery for you, too.

2. Bake-A-Thon

Everyone is looking to get in shape after New Years (including your dog). Change up Fido’s diet and bake him some healthy snacks! Invite your friend over and make some scrumptious treats for yourself (using that Pinterest recipe you always wanted to try), and some great treats for your pup. Check out our Pinterest board for some dog treat ideas!

3. Eat More Brunch

We are pretty sure there is some scientific study out there that says bacon is the key to happiness. So for 2014 incorporate more brunch into your diet and bring your pup with you! Now you are probably wondering what restaurants in your area are dog-friendly?? Our new PetParent app is launching in February 2014! We have a curated list of great pet-friendly restaurants in your area, some of which that have great brunches! So go get your bacon, and take your dog with you. Keep visiting our site and Facebook page to see when it will launch in your city!


Ok maybe not everywhere, but quite a few places. With the new PetParent app you can discover dog friendly venues!  So thinking of getting some drinks with your pals? Check and see if there are any dog-friendly bars nearby, we are sure your pup would like a night out too!

5. Travel

Ok we know that this is one of the ‘typical’ NYE resolutions, but really PetParents, go see the world (or at least the cool places in the U.S.A.!) And who better to travel with than your dog? So if the fear of leaving your dog behind is holding you back, then kick that fear to the curb! There are tons of pet-friendly hotels, and we even wrote a great blog about tips to make traveling with your pup safer and easier. Check out that blog post here.

6. Explore Nature!

Whether you want to find your inner-peace on a nature exploration or you just wanna go on a cool hike, go out and get some fresh air in 2014. Go visit a local park or hiking trail and take Fido with you! Not only with this be a great way for your dog to stay healthy in 2014, but this will also make for some great adventures!

7. You can always teach an old dog a new trick!

Sick of getting the paper? Looking for someone to grab you an extra beer out of the refrigerator while you are watching some basketball this spring? Teach your dog! It’s never too late to teach your dog new tricks! Take some time everyday, even if it is only 10 minutes, to work with your dog on new tricks! Check out our website www.petparent.me for great guides, tips, and tricks for being a PetParent including dog training tips! Who knows, maybe they will be able to fetch you a cold one by the end of 2014!

8. Volunteer

Looking for a way to give back during 2014? Volunteer at your local animal shelter or animal rescue org.! We are sure they can use an extra hand at an event, or some extra help with their pups! So donate some time to some pups who need a little extra love this year! Check out this great article from our friends over at Do-Something on how to find a local shelter to help in the new year!

9. Make New Friends

Make some new friends this year with your pup! Take your dog to a dog park (featured on selected cities on our mobile app)! Or to a pet friendly event, like a yappy hour. You are bound to meet lots of other friendly PetParents, who would probably love to brunch it up with you as well! As always, make sure your pup is up to date on their vaccinations before taking them to a doggy play date!

10. Puppy Time

With a new year, comes a new start. A clean slate for all of us. Start spending more time with your pup. Our dogs love us even at our worst, and they deserve the absolute best from us. So lets try to be the PetParents that they deserve this year. Make time every day for your four legged friend. Not only will they be more than excited to spend time with you, but you will be able to enjoy the unconditional love of a dog.

Happy 2014! Lets make it a PAWTASTIC year PetParents!


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