Sweet Potato Treats

Most PetParents are always on the lookout for another great, healthy treat to feed their pups. Dehydrated sweet potato dog treats hit the market several years ago, and they’re quite popular with most dogs. The sweet potatoes have vitamins and minerals as well as high dose of fiber making this one goodie you can feel great about sharing with your dog.


1 Organic Sweet Potato


1. Wash potatoes thoroughly.

2. Slice potatoes into thin coins.

3. If using a dehydrator, set the dehydrator to the fruit setting or 135 degrees.

4. Dehydrate potato for 5 hours OR if using oven, for 2 hours on lowest setting.

To avoid mold or spoiling, sweet potato but must be completely dried out.

These treats are great for dogs of all sizes. You’ll feel great knowing exactly what went into the treats you’re feeding your pup, and we’re quite sure your pup will taste the love baked in.

Credits Original Recipe from SheSpeaksBark

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