Types of Hipsters: As Told By Cats

Hipsters seems to be all the rage these days. However here at PetParent, we cannot help but think that the word ‘hipster’ encompasses many different types of hipsters. Now before you get confused, we have employed the skills of several cats to illustrate the different types of hipsters out there.


1. The Mustache Hipsters


We are not sure why, but we think it may be a requirement to have facial hair to be a true hipster. However there are those hipsters that are bringing back the mustache, like the cat above. You will see these hipsters at a little dive bar or craft brewery with their creepy mustaches that they think is trendy, but not too trendy.

2. The We-Hate-Everything Hipsters 


There are those hipsters out there. that literally hate everything. They usually are sitting in the corner of a coffee shop with their I-haven’t washed-this-hoodie-in-two-weeks, sipping an americano that apparently ‘tastes like dirt.’ Usually they will give you a judgemental stare and then proceed to rant about how they hate ‘mainstreemers.’ It’s ok PetParents, because these hipsters hate other hipsters too. What they really  need is a cute puppy to cheer up their I-hate-the-world- attitude.

3. The ‘Everything is Awesome Brah’ Hipster 


This hipster is the complete opposite of the hipster in number 3. This hipster is the most positive person in the world. The love that coffee that tastes like dirt! Usually these hipsters can also be found at local coffee shops enjoying the atmosphere of that sweet thing called ‘life’. How are they so happy all the time? We have no idea.

4. The First Movers 


These hipsters are on top of all the new hipster trends. In fact, that new local band you just checked out at that small dive bar it totally too mainstream. It is hard to keep up with these hipsters. However, if you can pick up a few pointers from them, you may gain some extra hipster points with your ‘mainstream’ friends.

5. The Coffee Hispter 


These hipsters are in love with coffee, and will go out of their way to prove to you that they know more about coffee than you. Usually they are either baristas, or they are the barista’s best friends hanging out at the coffee shop. We know PetParents, you just want your morning latte. But if you are in a hurry to get in and out, then go to Starbucks.



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