Top Ten Fails As A PetParent

1. When You Give Your Cat Too Much Cat Nip

2. When You Forget To Dog-Proof The Toilette Paper

3. When You Forget To Dog-Proof The Trash Can

4. When You Forget To Dog-Proof Anything

5. Forgetting To Buckle Up Your Dog

6. Leaving Those New Pair Of  Shoes Out…FAIL OF EPIC PROPORTIONS

7. Leaving Dog Treats In Your Pocket Or Purse…

8. Not Having A Lint Roller

9. Leaving The Dog Food Bag Out

10. Leaving The Toilette Seat Up…..Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

11. Letting A Wet Or Muddy Dog Into The House (King of All Fails)



Being a PetParent is worth every muddy minute! 

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