Our Ode to Cats

Listen PetParents we love our dogs, however we also LOVE our cats. This is our ode to all those cat people out there who know how awesome those feisty little felines are.

1. Cats Have Multiple Talents 

Like this talented kitty above, we know that our cats have multiple talents. They make look like they are just laying around all day or sleeping for the most part of their lives, but do not be fooled. They are probably secretly taking over the world, getting hair all over all of our black clothing, or hacking up a hairball. So treat that cat, they have a pretty hard life.

2. They Are Super Considerate 

Cats may not always show affection toward their owners, but they are truly considerate beings. They will gladly lay on your keyboard, chase your feet (which sometimes can be a painful game), or they will gladly “comfort” you after a hard day of work….if you are lucky.

3. They Are Health Freaks! 

Have you ever gotten a “You shouldn’t eat that 6th slice of Pizza” look from your cat? They truly care about your health, because lets be honest you feed them every day. But their dependence on you for survival is not just a reason for their concern, your cat truly wants you to be happy. Because lets all be honest, no one wants to live with a cranky PetParent.

4. They Are Easily Entertained


Why do we have cats? Well one reason is the low maintenance and independence of the feline. They don’t always need your attention to play with them or entertain them. In fact your cat probably has found that milk cap you dropped to be the most entertaining thing this year. Keep up the low effort cat-parents, because your cats are still entertained.

5. They Tolerate Our Crap 

Let be honest, our cats tolerate a lot of crap from us (see cat above). Why they still love us after we dress them up in awful outfits, we will never know. But we do appreciate there tolerance for our ‘Hooman’ moments.


We totally love our cats, and we appreciate their places in our lives. They may be a little snarky, mildly cold at times, and sometimes can be a real pain, but we are totally crazy for our cats.



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