Days Of The Week Ranked By Dogs

1. Monday

Monday is known to your dog as the worst day of the week. Why? Because after spending a great weekend with you, they are once again left alone as you go into work. They also love that you are in such a great mood Monday morning, but they can’t blame you. They hate watching you leave as much as you hate leaving the comfort of your home and endless supply of Netflix.

2. Tuesday 

Tuesday is not as bad as Monday in your dog’s book, but it is still not their favorite. They are still trying to adjust to your ‘Monday Blues’ attitude, but they are happy that at least you remembered to take them on a walk after work. Tuesday also means TACO TUESDAY. So do your pup a favor and ‘accidentally’ drop some of that delectable taco, you owe it to them for putting up with you on Monday.

3. Wednesday


Wednesday is their most favorite mid-week day because by now, you PetParents, have this week on autopilot. You go to work, come home, take your dog out, and enjoy catching up on House of Cards with your pup. Usually you are too tired to cook on Wednesdays, so your pet totally approves if you order pizza again for the hundredth time that month. If you slip them some sausage or pepperoni, they won’t even judge you as you inhale that glorious double stuffed crust.

4. Thursday

Thirsty Thursday is one of your dog’s favorite days of the week. On Thursday, you always take your pup to a dog friendly happy hour. This means that your dog is going to get to sneak bites of those happy-hour special nachos dripping in heavenly golden cheese.

5. Friday

Is there really much to elaborate on? Friday is the beginning of the weekend and your dog is ready to spend some quality time with you after a long work week. In fact, you usually get off work early enough on Friday’s to take your dog on a lovely hike.

6. Saturday 

Why is Saturday your dog’s FAVORITE day? Because you have the whole day off the play with them. They are totes excited to go to a dog friendly brunch with you, hike up a trail that you are both under-qualified for, or spend some time during an exciting game of fetch…. Either way, Saturday means time with their favorite PetParent. Even if that means binge watching Netflix all day, just make sure to share the popcorn.

7. Sunday

Sunday is a solid day, but it is not your dog’s favorite. Your dog knows that the next day, they will have to face the dreaded Monday. They can tell because you are over treating them, paying tons of attention to them, and doing tons of dog-friendly activities that day to make up for your terrible Monday behavior that they love dealing with. It’s ok PetParent’s, just keep calm and treat on, as you ready yourself for the week ahead of you.


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Photos via Barkbox 

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