Countdown of Our Favorite Celebrity Dogs

It is no secret that celebrities love their dogs. We just watched the Oscar unfold a few nights ago, but what we really care about are those red carpet dogs! Here is our countdown of our favorite red carpet dogs.

10. Lamby 


We all know Lena Dunham for her snarky New York style and for her popular HBO show ‘Girls.’ However the true star here is her pup Lamby. Lamby knows how to keep it cool, and how to keep Lena on her toes. She is not only rocking the New York swag, but she knows how to sit back and relax after a day in the city. Cheers to you Lamby.

9. Peaches 


The Wolverine man be a fierce character, but not as fierce as Peaches. Peaches is number nine on our list because she is the only dog who can keep up with Hugh Jackman. Just look at that face (pictured above), that is the face of one fierce french bulldog.

8. Douglas 

 drew barrymore

What dog could look better with Drew Barrymore on the red carpet than Douglas? Not only is Douglas always looking after Drew, but he has a new job of looking after her baby, Olive. Douglas is number eight on our list, because he has not one celebrity, but two to look after. Which for a small dog, can mean a lot of hustling. Keep up the good work Douglas!


jessica beil

Tina is one of our favorite celebrity rescues. Tina, the Pitbull loves to hang with her mom Jessica Biel, and Jessica loves to dedicate a whole day to Tina. In fact, check out Jessica’s twitter or instagram for her #TuesdaysWithTina. Any dog that gets her own hashtag is worthy of this list in our books.

6. Paco 


Paco is another favorite rescue. Rescued by his spunky mom, Olivia Wilde, Paco has been the apple of her eye since day one. Olivia is an animal advocate, and works with groups like the ASPCA. Paco has made our list for his obvious swag. I mean just look at those sad eyes (see picture above.) #charmer.

5. Baxter 


Baxter, was a native Houston resident at an animal shelter when his now dad, Ryan Reynolds, fell in love with him. Reynolds was looking for a dog for his paralyzed friend and ended up taking Baxter along with him. This gorgeous golden retriever made our number five spot for his obvious looks, hollywood charm, and Ryan Reynolds who was People Magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive. #TeamBaxter

4. Wolf and Mabel 


Wolf and Mabel are the beloved pets of celeb Ellen Degeneres. Mabel, a standard poodle, was a retired show dog whom Ellen rescues. Wolf, a maltese mix, was a dog Ellen literally rescued off the street from an abusive owner. Ellen also works with Halo Pet Food which is an all natural pet food, and she has been a constant animal rights advocate on and off her show. Mabel and Wolf are our number four dogs for the inspiration they give Ellen to keep working towards a better future for our pets. Rock on dogs!

3. Luke, Layla, Sadie, Sunny, and Lauren


No, this is not the Brady Bunch, these are Oprah’s dogs! Oprah is a devout PetParent to her five dogs.Sunny and Lauren, her two springers, were adopted from PAWS in Chicago! These five A-list dogs have stolen our number three spot for being the only pack of dogs to truly steel Oprah’s heart.

2. Finn 


Finn is one of the coolest celebrity dogs. Keeping it real with his mom Amanda Seyfried, Finn is a very forward thinking dog. This dog even has his own twitter, Finn_Seyfried. This cool dog is the leading man in Amanda’s life keeping her other man, Justin Long, in line as well.

1. George 


George is the only living thing on this planet to consistently capture Ryan Gosling’s heart. Ryan is a devoted PetParent to his mix-breed rescue, George, who has been suffering from age related illness. George, still going strong at age 14, can be seen usually right by Ryan’s side sporting a sweet mohawk. Cheers to you George, and may you live many more years to show us that older dogs do rock!


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