Black Friday As Told By Dogs

You Wake In The Morning Feeling Like P-Diddy

Men’s Wearhouse Dog being fly….as usual

Ready For Action

And yes you are the first person in line for the Target Doorbusters.

You Get In Line To Find It Is A Jungle Out There…

Someone needs a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte….

But Things Start Looking Dangerous As The Doors Open

Everyone is like ‘MOVE B$#%H GET OUT MY WAY’

You May Not Be Cut Out For This….

But You Suck It Up, And ‘Attempt’ To Snag Those Doorbusters

They are on sale? Sorta? Right?

However Some Jerk May Have Already Grabbed Them…

And dealing with people is like dealing with an emotional teenager who thinks they are as entitled as Beyonce….

You Start To Really Lose Hope….

But Then You See It

THE last electronic on a sale so unreal that you had to actually get up at midnight to believe it.


Because four other people have just seen what you have seen. It is a MAD DASH.


Yes it is appropriate for a victory dance in the store full of crowded and mildly angry people. You deserve it friend.

Sudden Burst Of Confidence

Before this victory, you thought about turning in early. BUT NO. You are a fierce shopping creature and a force to be reckoned with. Watch out department stores, because you have your sassy pants on.

After the above sequence is repeated at least 6 times…THE GREAT CRASH

Until next year Black Friday…until next year

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