The Mange Mystery

1. What is the Cause of Mange?

Mange is a form of mite that lives (in a healthy population) on your dogs skin. Just like every human has some echoli in their stomachs, dogs have a healthy amount of mites on their skin. When pups are still nursing on their mothers, the mites will transfer from fur to fur. Not to worry, this is perfectly normal. When the mites grow in unhealthy numbers, then they become Mange. There are three types of Mange that can infect dogs, the first being not very mild to the last being very severe. The mites become Mange when they proliferate to unhealthy levels.

2. Symptoms 

Some symptoms include: Hair loss, scabbing or sores, bald spots, and intense itching. Mange can usually be most commonly found on the dogs ears, legs, elbows, and their face.

3. Is It Contagious? 

Severe cases of Mange have known to be contagious, but not to humans or cats.

4. Treatment? 

In order to treat Mange you need to see your veterinarian. Your vet can determine the correct treatment for your dog and help you kick that Mange to the curb.

5. Prevention 

Keep your dog away with other dogs who have Mange. Also regular vet checks and baths are good preventative measures for Mange.





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