10 Fun Facts About Dogs

Get ready for some CRAZY facts about dogs!

1. USA Homes More Dogs Than Any Other Country 


France comes in at 2nd.

2. Spiked Collar History 


In Ancient Greece, dogs would wear spiked collars to protect them from wolves. When wolves kill they would usually go for the dog’s throat, hence the importance of the collar.

3. Teeth! 


The average dog has 42 teeth! People only have 32!

4. City Dogs Live Longer 


Dogs who live in the city, live 3 times longer than dogs in the country.

5. Dogs Have Crazy Good Hearing 


They can hear things up to four times farther away than humans.

6. Dalmations Have Terrible Hearing 



Dalmations have the poorest hearing, probably out of all the dog breeds. Up to 30% of them cannot hear in one of two ears.

7. Dogs Have Been Around For A While 


The oldest in-tact fossils of dogs go back to 33,000 years!

8. Harry Potter’s Fang! 

Fang, Hagrids dog in Harry Potter is a Neapolitan Mastiff. The breed almost became extinct after WWII.

9. Bichon Frise 


In French Bichon Frise means ‘small curly-haired dog.’

10. Poodles Are Not French 

Poodles are actually German. But the French nobility LOVED these dogs, and since they have become a French staple.



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Original Article by Animal Planet 


  • Lori Lytle says:

    I just adopted a 3 yr old Whippet mix girl. I have severe depression and it is amazing the comfort she brings to me everyday and especially those rough days. She is everything you could possibly want in a dog.

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