Alex Winkelman Zeplain

Alex WinkelmanAlex has been an animal lover and advocate as long as she can remember. Growing up in a vegetarian household, animals were always part of the family. At the age of seven, Alex saved up $55 from her allowance to adopt her first animal, a black cat named Paws (creatively named after the Paws Animal Shelter in Kyle, TX).

Alex’s rescue efforts didn’t stop there. She has fostered and rescued dozens of animals, both dogs and cats; one of her favorites being Captain Jack. Captain Jack was a Pit Bull puppy found on the side of the street; the puppy was presented to Alex in a shoebox by a friend. Covered in fleas and with a damaged eye, Alex played hookey from high school and nursed the puppy back to good health. Alex fostered the puppy for months until he found his forever home. Still thinking about Captain Jack fifteen years later, she wishes she had been a failed foster.

Currently living in Austin, TX with her husband, son, and two rescue fur babies Lady and Ricky Bobby, Alex sits on the board of Austin Pets Alive, the organization responsible for making Austin the largest no-kill city.

In addition to animals, Alex is passionate about building brands and audiences as well as philanthropy. Previous to joining PetParent as CEO and Creative Director, Alex founded Citizen Generation, a nonprofit devoted to promoting philanthropy to new and young donors. Over the course of five years, 15,000 young philanthropists attended Citizen Generation’s programming, leading to over $1M raised. Through this work and community leadership roles, Alex has raised over $4.5M.

Alex studied Social Entrepreneurship at St. Edward’s University, and in 2014 received the Alumni Achievement Award.