Pet Volunteer in San Jose

Are you an animal lover in the Bay Area?? This is one of the most powerful areas of the country for an animal advocate to live and make a difference in their community. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, farm animals, or wild life- there is an organization that exists who is looking for your help! Here are some great animal related volunteer opportunities in San Jose!

 1. San Jose Animal Care Center

The San Jose Animal Care Center is the animal care and control facility operated by the city of San Jose. They accept volunteers, dubbed ‘Pet Pals’ at their shelter location just like most other rescue organizations. All volunteers must be 18 years or older, and be dedicated to help adoptable animals into loving homes. Volunteers provide care and comfort to the animals while they are in the shelter. Both hands-on animal care and other work are available, depending on your personal preferences and set of skills. All volunteers are asked to volunteer each week, for a minimum of 16 hours each month. Volunteers can set their own schedules during the open hours of the shelter. All prospective volunteers should know that there is a $35 materials fee that applies for training materials, apron, t-shirt, and ID badge- volunteers are required to wear their apron and badge during their volunteer shifts.

2. San Jose Animal Advocates

The San Jose Animal Advocates rescue is entirely composed of animal loving volunteers, just like you. They are simply a group of compassionate people who have come together to build a community that saves more animals lives. The San Jose Animal Advocates have a few unique programs, including their ‘Save a Kitten’ campaign. They ask for the community to get involved with their mission in a few different ways. As with most rescue organizations, becoming a foster parent and giving an adoptable animal a break from the shelter is the ultimate gift. However, monetary donations, online (social media) interaction, and even becoming a ‘community partner’ are all options aside from volunteering in person at the shelter as well.

3. Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue is a non profit organization that was founded in 1996. Dedicated to rescuing companion birds that have been neglected, abused, or surrendered by their owners and to ensure that they have a safe and loving home. Micakboo also works to educate bird owners on best standards of care for these lovely feathered friends. Mickaboo bird rescue is 100% volunteer run. Recently a large number of birds have come into their care seeking placement. Volunteers for Mickaboo span all across Northern and even Southern California. Mickaboo is always seeking foster homes, volunteers, and adopters. Being that they are 100 percent volunteer run (no paid staff) they also don’t have a shelter building  because they want all the donor dollars to go directly toward the care of the birds.

 4. Nike Animal Rescue Foundation

NARF is the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation and they’re a non-profit, volunteer-only organization that was founded in 1985. NARF is dedicated to protecting dogs and cats, and to eliminate animal overpopulation through spay and neuter programs. NARF is a no-kill shelter, once they assume the responsibility of an animal, they will provide medical care, housing, food, and love until that animal finds a forever home. The animals in the care of NARF are housed in the homes of NARF volunteers because this provides them the best quality of life, and gives potential adopters a much better idea of the personality of the dogs.

Other Ways to Help:

  • Animal Fostering- all supplies/instructions provided
  • Pet Socialization
  • Pet Fair, Support at Events
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Animal Transportation


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