Pet Volunteer in San Francisco

Are you a San Francisco resident looking to give back to your community and love on some animals in the process? Give our list of the best animal related volunteer opportunities in San Francisco a browse!

1. Rocket Dog Rescue

‘Rocket Dog Rescue operates under the motto of ‘Leave No Dog Behind’ they save dogs from over-crowded shelters and work to find them loving, life long homes. Rocket Dog Rescue has been saving lives in the Bay Area for 12 years, and have saved over 6,000 animals thus far. Rocket Dog Rescue has no paid staff, office space, or consultants. They rely 100% on the community in order to reach their goals, so you can understand that volunteers are literally vital to their operation. Rocket Dog Rescue’s mission is to have a no-kill community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Volunteers are needed for:

  • dog handling at adoption events
  • foster homes
  • adoptions
  • fundraising/events
  • transporting pets
  • adminstrative tasks
  • much much more!

2. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

If you’re of the mindset that senior dogs rock (and really, who isn’t!?) then Muttville is an ideal place for you to focus your volunteering attention. Muttville works locally to rescue senior dogs and find them loving homes, or to provide them with hospice care. Muttville works globally to provide information about caring for senior dogs. Muttville has relationships with shelters and animal organizations so they can save senior dogs that would otherwise not find adoptive homes. The Muttville mission statement is dedicated to changing the view and treatment of older dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, adoption, and foster or hospice care.

Volunteering your time for just a few hours a week can make a huge difference and Muttville needs help in every capacity, across the board. Run dogs to the vet, do administrative work, off site events, walk dogs, or care for the animals- even foster dogs. Muttville requires a 3 hour minimum weekly commitment and their volunteers must be 18 years or older- with no dog allergies or fears.

3. San Francisco SPCA

The San Francisco SPCA is the largest animal welfare organization on the West Coast! Needless to say, they absolutely rely on the help of dedicated animal loving volunteers.They currently have a goal of ending animal abandonment in San Francisco by 2020-and they’re asking for your help! SF SPCA volunteers are relied upon to brighten the lives of animals by providing love, attention, grooming, training, exercise, play, mental stimulation, exposure to the public, and more. Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of 6 months, and must be 18 or older (although a youth program is offered).

They’re offering a new training class called Pup Prodigies: Next Generation K9 Trainers which is geared towards kids 10-16 who want to learn to train their dogs with positive reinforcement. The next class starts October 18th- so check it out soon 

4. P.A.W.S Pets Are Wonderful Support

The PAWS website says it best when they mention that volunteering is the best way you can help their organization. PAWS has been in existence since 1987, helping their clients maintain and care for their animals. PAWS came to be when it was noticed that those in need were often skipping meals in order to feed their pets. PAWS believes that no person should have to choose between feeding themselves and feeding their pets, so a special food bank was created to collect pet food and supplies.

PAWS assists over 1,000 animals for approximately 800 clients who rely on their assistance to feed and care for their pets. PAWS assists with grooming, veterinary care, foster care, dog walking, as well as providing food.  Annually, PAWS volunteers donate over 10,000 hours of their time walking dogs, delivering food, transporting animals to the vet, and providing administrative and office support. All of the volunteer opportunities exist in San Francisco, and volunteers need to be 18 or older.

Now that we’ve shared some great pet-related volunteer opportunities in San Francisco, we’d love to hear your story! Do you currently volunteer for a shelter or animal rescue organization in your area? Do you have a favorite pet rescue in San Fran? Leave us a note in the comments!

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