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Animals who receive frequent contact and interaction with humans during their time in an animal shelter are much more likely to be adopted out because of the socialization they have received.  As a PetParent yourself, we’re sure you’re as big of an animal lover as we are! Giving back to animals in need is so much more rewarding than you could ever believe before you get started. And it’s true what they say, the animals really do give you back so much more than you can ever give them. Volunteering with animals is both an enriching, and life-changing experience. Here are four of our favorite animal related volunteer opportunities in San Antonio, Texas!

1. Animal Care Services

 The Animal Care Services of San Antonio provides shelter and animal control for the homeless animals in the city of San Antonio. As with most animal rescue centers, the assistance of volunteers is crucial to the day-to-day operations of the shelter. Animals rely on the TLC provided by volunteers to feel safe and happy while in the care of ACS.

The Animal Care Services of San Antonio has two different paths that a volunteer can choose. One is becoming an on-site volunteer, and the other is to become a part of the Community Action Team (C.A.T.) The Community Action Team is responsible for offsite events like adoption events, info booths, etc. There is no minimum time commitment involved, but an orientation is required, and a $10 donation provides volunteers with a t-shirt and name tag. An on-site volunteer must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 months, and doing at least 3 shifts per month. These volunteers have a short interview and orientation and then are open to positions all across the shelter. Things like grooming, walking, feeding, bathing, laundry etc.

2. Animal Defense League of San Antonio

The Animal Defense League is a non-profit and also a truly no-kill shelter. They operate under a practice to never euthanize an animal if it can be treated and returned to full health. That also means that if they reach their maximum capacity (400 animals) that they can no longer accept any more dogs or cats until adoptions go through and more space is made. The Animal Defense League of Texas, like most shelters, relies on volunteers for their mere survival. They offer dedicated volunteers a wide array of positions and ways to give back.

  • dog walking + get fit with fido program
  • cat socialization
  • working in the ADF thrift shop
  • administrative/office support
  • foster homes
  • animal grooming and bathing
  • off-site adoption event
  • school talks

Those interested in volunteering with the Animal Defese League of Texas should email Joely Cifre the volunteer manager at

3. The San Antonio Humane Society

The San Antonio Humane Society is known for their great group of volunteers! Their volunteers have a mission to provide support to the SAHS staff and to enrich the lives of the animals in their care while providing a clean, & disease-free environment. Volunteers pride themselves on assisting to connect friends for life. At the San Antonio Humane Society, volunteers are welcomed with open arms from 8am-7pm daily.

SAHS offers several types of volunteer positions: Junior Volunteer (aged 12-15) must be accompanied by a parent who is also volunteering as a general volunteer. All volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation prior to their first volunteering session. General volunteers pay an orientation fee of $25, and active duty military volunteers pay $15. SAHS does not place any hourly commitments onto their volunteers, and simply ask that volunteers come as they can.

 4. San Antonio Pets Alive! 

A sign of a great animal shelter is their willingness to accept and appreciate their volunteers. We’ve yet to discover a shelter that operates well without a strong team of volunteers supporting them. San Antonio Pets Alive! is no exception, and they welcome volunteers with open arms.

At SAPA you can choose to work directly with the animals in a variety of capacities, or you can work to help promote awareness of the shelter, fund-raise, and the like. Volunteers must first submit an online application, and then attend an orientation session. Each volunteer is required to have a release of liability form on file before they start working. Volunteering inquiries can be directed to

No matter your living situation, finances, or other restrictions, there are always several way that anyone can get involved and help homeless animals in their city! We honestly can’t recommend volunteering your time and love to shelter animals and rescue organizations enough!

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