Pet Volunteer in Philadelphia

Giving back. Volunteering. Donating your time. No matter what you call it, it feels good! Especially when needy, homeless animals are the recipients of your selfless donations. Giving back to animals in need is an incredible way that Pet Parents across the US can make a difference in the lives of animals on a local level. A chance for you to directly see the fruits of your labor. Here are some of the best animal related volunteer opportunities in Philadelphia!

1. ACCT Philly

While the minimum age for volunteers at ACCT Philly is 16 years of age, the tasks these volunteers handle for the shelter range widely. Data entry, cleaning, animal care, and more! They have volunteers who assist in every aspect of the shelter, so there is sure to be a task designed just for you.

ACCT Philly always needs volunteers to:

  • Walk dogs, socialize them, etc.
  • Socialize and enrichment for cats
  • Foster homes
  • Dog bathers/groomers
  • Help at Adoption Events
  • Transport driver
  • Office help
  • Computer help
  • Clinic volunteers

The sign up process is easy! Simply fill out an online application, wait for it to be reviewed, and attend your orientation. Orientations are held the first Saturday of each month at 10am or the second Thursday at 6:30 pm or the third Sunday at 10am- three opportunities each month to get involved!

2. Pennsylvania SPCA

At the Pennsylvania SPCA they realize volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, and that each volunteer brings their own set of skills. Weather you’re willing and able to volunteer in-person at the shelter, or other, there’s a task waiting for your help. Unlike most shelters, the PSPCA also has a kids’ program full of ideas on ways kids and their classes can give back to the homeless animals of their community.

The biggest need is for foster homes for their animals. Otherwise, cat & small critter care, dog walking, adoption assistance, special events coordination, photographer, and office assistant are all needed tasks. Are you a vet tech looking to give back? Consider volunteering for the vaccine clinic where your experience and background can help put pets at ease! Other ideas include: organizing a toy drive, towels and blankets for the animals, or even collecting food/treat donations from your community, office, school or church.

3. PAWS Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

The Staff of PAWS will be the first to admit that their rockstar group of volunteers means the difference between life and death for many of the animals that come through their doors each year. No matter what task these volunteers participate in, it is felt, needed, and appreciated by both the animals and the staff at PAWS Philadelphia. They pride themselves on having the schedule and position for any volunteers needs- even the busiest of people.

There are two physical shelter locations that always need volunteers as well as the satellite adoption events and traveling adoption events that always need volunteers to man the post and introduce the animals to their perspective new parents. If you’re interested in working with PAWS Philadelphia, simply fill out their online application and be prepared to hear back from them with further details in 48 hours! PAWS does not require a minimum weekly or yearly time donation from volunteers and they’ll take you for as much help as you’re able to give.

4. The Philadelphia Zoo

Boasting the title of America’s First Zoo, if there ever were a zoo to allow volunteers an insider glimpse, this should be it! If you live in Philly, and have a penchant for all things ‘wild animal’, then consider volunteering some of your precious time to getting to know these incredible creatures just a bit better. Volunteers as young as 14 years of age are able to take advantage of volunteer opportunities offered by the zoo.

The zoo volunteers are instrumental in the education and conservation process of the zoo. Because of their dedicated group of volunteers, staff are able to focus their attentions on the direct needs of the animals, leading to  a happier existence for the creatures in zoo care. The Philadelphia Zoo offers some unique perks to their volunteers: complimentary admission and parking, discounts on food/shopping, a free uniform (shirt) and ID badge, and invitations to recognition events. Sounds like too much fun to miss!

One things for sure, no matter how you choose to give back, the dedication of your time and devotion will have a ripple effect on the lives of the animals you make a difference for.  If you had to choose just one way to give back to animals what would it be?

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