Pet Volunteer in NYC

Are you an animal lover living in New York City? If you’re seeking a way to give back locally, we can understand not even knowing where to start. The animal rescue organizations in New York City simply abound! The hardest part will be determining the ideal organization for you to dedicate your time to. These are four of the best volunteer opportunities in NYC!

1. Mighty Mutts

Mighty Mutts & Ollie’s Place is an animal rescue organization that is entirely volunteer run. They’re a no-kill organization that is dedicated to rehabilitating the strays of New York City. At Might Mutts you can volunteer with either the dogs or the cats- your preference. Each Saturday volunteers are needed at Union Square in Manhattan for doggie meet and greets. The larger group of volunteers they have present, the more dogs they can bring out for adoption to find their forever homes. If you don’t have time to volunteer for a regular shift, there are still ways to help. If you’ve got a specialized skill, chances are they need you. Dog walkers, writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and more are all welcome! Volunteers with Mighty Mutts must be 18 years or older.

2. Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

The mission of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is to have a ‘no kill’ New York City, and to make it a city that animals can be proud to call home. The dedicated volunteers here are a critical part of the success of their organization. Each year, over 29,000 dogs and cats come through the Mayor’s Alliance shelters. Mayor’s Alliance volunteers are invited to help at pet adoption, microchipping, and fundraising events. Many of these events are scheduled between the months of April and November when the best weather is most likely. You can also get involved by becoming a foster carer. The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals does not have shelter facilities, so hands-on volunteering with animals isn’t possible with this organization unless you become a foster home. Many of the animals seeking a foster home are healing from a form of medical care or they are an owned pet who’s family is experiencing a difficult time and needs a temporary place to stay before they can be back with their families.

3.  Animal Care & Control of New York

The Animal Care and Control of NYC is so glad to have each and every one of their volunteers. They thank you for wanting to make a difference in the lives of their animals. The Animal Care and Control NYC has a mission of promoting the safety and well being of pets and people in New York. The volunteers work closely with the staff and even assist in the care and placement of animals. Volunteers are so integrated into the daily operations that a commitment of 6 months (and 8 hours each month) is required. Volunteers should be 18 years or older before signing up to participate. Aside from hands-on volunteering in-person, there are several other ways for you to make a difference.

  • host a donation drive for much needed supplies
  • plan an event to raise funds or supply donations
  • encourage friends & family to adopt a furry friend
  • spread the word via social media
  • just ask!

 4. Zani’s Furry Friends

Zani’s Furry Friends is a non-profit organization that is committed to rescuing animals from New York City shelters. This organization is entirely funded by donations, and that means that they fully rely on volunteers to accomplish their daily work. There is no physical shelter location, instead they rely on foster homes to care for the animals until a forever home is found. The foster homes learn the distinct personalities of the animals and help them find excellent homes by providing crucial insight. They are a member of the Mayor’s Alliance as well as a New Hope Partner to the Animal Care and Control of New York City.


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