Pet Volunteer in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a desert city of vast and exotic proportions. Although the city may be primarily known for its reputation as a resort city: nightlife, gambling, shows, and shopping; there is still plenty of additional interests to offer. Vegas is a huge city for animal rights and wellness campaigns, so local animal lovers have no loss of options on ways to get involved.

1. Spirit Therapies

Spirit Therapies is a wonderful program that combines physical therapy and horseback riding to promote whole body healing. A non-profit riding center, Spirit Therapies works to positively impact the lives of individuals who are physically and/or mentally challenged. These individuals are provided the gift of connecting with a therapy horse, as well as dedicated team of instructors and volunteers. If you love horses, and volunteering with Spirit Therapies sounds like a great way for you to give back- then know there are several ways you can get involved.

  • office/computer work
  • become a board member
  • clean stalls
  • clean tack, equipment, accessories
  • groom horses
  • lead horses OR sidewalk with riders in lessons
  • plenty of other misc. tasks!

 2. Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

If companion animals are right up your alley, then a donation of your time and TLC to a local animal shelter could prove to be the most valuable use of your time. The Nevada SPCA is a great organization to become involved with and make a difference in the lives of animals in your very own city. The Nevada SPCA can use help in so many ways, the possibilities are truly endless! There are ways you can help from the comfort of your own home: making animal toys, blankets, beds, scarves, organizing supply/donation drives & spreading the word. If you’re interested in volunteering at the shelter, there are plenty of opportunities there as well. In-person volunteers should be 18 years old, and willing to volunteer for at least 6 months. A volunteer training class is held each Saturday at 8am and must be completed prior to volunteering.

3. Las Vegas Humane Society

 The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, or LVVHS, relies exclusively on volunteers just like to you run their animal rescue organization. People from all across the city are united by their love of animals and dedication to making Las Vegas a better place for them. LVVHS has a mission and goal of preventing cruelty to animals, relieve their suffering, and eliminate over population. Anyone interested in volunteering to help further this mission can start by filling out a volunteer application. Volunteers are needed in so many capacities, a few examples include: foster care, adoption assistance, adoptions counselor, adoption follow-up, transport/rescue volunteer, feral cat program, hotline calls, create newsletter, as well as hands- care of the animals. LVVHS has a sponsor an animal program where your monthly monetary donation makes a positive impact for a shelter pet, or check out their supplies wish list if you’re in a position to donate some products for the animals in need.

4. The Animal Foundation

If you don’t mind driving outside the city just a touch, the Animal Foundation has an 8 acre campus that’s worth a visit.  They have adoptable pets, lost/found animals, a spay/neuter clinic, vaccine clinic, and all their administrative services. The Animal Foundation operates under a goal of eliminating pet overpopulation by community involvement. They hope to inspire people and enable them to join them in the fight against pet overpopulation. Get involved however your skill set fits best! Animal care, grooming, socialization, training, transport, and TLC are all needed here. If you’ve got space and love to share- consider fostering a pet in your home and help them find their forever family faster! The Animal Foundation also operates a second adoption center out of the PetSmart on Lake Meade Parkway so volunteers are needed to man adoptions and answer questions at this location as well.


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