Pet Volunteer in Indianapolis

One of the things we love most about PetParents and animal lovers in general is just their sheer passion for pets. It’s amazing what a group of dedicated people can accomplish when they put their minds together! If you’re a PetParent or animal lover in Indianapolis there are several really fun ways to get involved in your community and helps animals great and small. Maybe you can pitch in at the local humane society for a few hours each week, or you’ve got time to spare on your lunch break taking photos. Whatever your capacity to give back, there is an organization who could use your skills. Check out the animal organizations below for the best volunteer opportunities in Indianapolis!

1. Humane Society of Indianapolis

The staff and animals of the Humane Society of Indianapolis both rely on a gracious team of volunteers to assist with their day to day operations and animal care. The humane society is an independent, and non-profit organization that accepts volunteers in an array of capacities. Perhaps you can bring an animal into your home temporarily and give them a much needed break for the shelter while they find a forever home? There is always in shelter work to be done, and volunteers should be 16 or older. Care for the animals: clean cages, feed, play, socialize, groom, train, walk, and more with the lovely animals awaiting their families.

The Top 5 Ways to Help:

  • donate
  • volunteer
  • foster
  • spread the word
  • purchase items from the shelter wish list

2. South Side Animal Shelter

At Southside Animal Shelter, they believe that ‘True Love is Rescued’- and we couldn’t agree more! This shelter attempts to keep as many of their dogs and cats in foster homes as possible while searching for their forever homes- the animals are happier & foster parents can provide essential details to new pet parents. Currently, the shelter is in need of foster homes for pregnant mothers, animals recovering from medical procedures, and puppies & kittens who are too young for adoption. The Southside Animal Shelter does provide food and medical supplies for the animals while they are in your care. All financial donations or gifts of supplies to the Southside Animal Shelter will go directly towards the care of dogs and cats in need.

The supplies most needed are:

  • canned dog & cat food
  • flea treatment- advantage or frontline
  • liquid laundry detergent & bleach (any brands)
  • paper towels
  • scrub sponges
  • old towels, blankets
  • Fabuloso (an all purpose cleaner)

They also have a unique program where contributors can donate a kuranda bed for the dogs. This helps keep the pups up off the cement floors, warm & dry and makes their stay at the shelter much more comfortable!

3. Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care & Control

The Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care & Control exists to supplement the work & budget restrictions of the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control facility- which is both the city shelter and the largest open- door animal rescue organization  in the state of Indiana. Indianapolis ACC takes in over 18,000 animals each year, so you can understand why assistance is greatly needed in order to help these animals find their forever homes. Volunteer opportunities with IACC are essentially endless. Tasks vary from hands-on care of the animals to non-care related tasks that are equally essential to the task at hand. Volunteers often end up making the biggest difference for the animals, providing them extra TLC and more. Volunteers are only asked to be 12 years of age or older.

4. Indianapolis Zoo

If you’re an animal lover with an affinity towards the wild type, then consider volunteering with the Indianapolis Zoo! Adult volunteers, college interns, and Zoo teens all work together to maintain the Zoo as the most popular cultural attraction in downtown Indianapolis. This zoo is a world leader in animal conservation efforts as well! Zoo volunteers must be 18 years of age, but people aged 14-18 can join the Zoo Teen program. Some volunteer positions do work with zookeepers inside of exhibits and animal holding areas, but no positions will have direct contact with the animals for safety and liability reasons.  Adult volunteers are asked to purchase their own t shirt which serves as a uniform. These t-shirts are provided to college interns and teens. What a great way to give back to the betterment of your community while getting an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experience too!

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