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Denver is known for being a dog-friendly city, and we’re not surprised. With so many wonderful adventures to be had, and things to explore, who wouldn’t want to do so with a canine companion by their side?

Perhaps you’re a pet lover in Denver who’s looking to give back a little and help out homeless animals in your community. While we certainly realize that not everyone can adopt a dog (or another dog), or even foster, there are still so many ways you can give back to needy pets. Volunteer your time at a local shelter, or wildlife rescue, fund-raise, spread awareness and support of their causes and events. Here are the 4 best pet related volunteer opportunities that we could find in Denver!

1. Max Fund

Volunteers are both heavily relied on, and needed at MaxFund just as with any other non-profit. MaxFund is a no-kill animal shelter that was started when the founders realized there was a lack of a plan for dogs and cats who were found injured by good Samaritans and never claimed by their owners.

 Their volunteer program is flexible and highly rewarding. MaxFund is happy to help you use your personal strengths in a way that you’re best able to give back. Each volunteer must first apply, and be accepted, before attending a volunteer orientation. 

  • Housekeeping
  • Special events
  • Animal Care 

Contact for additional information. 

 2. Denver Dumb Friends League

The Denver Dumb Friends League is the largest animal holding and adoption facility in Denver. Accordingly, they offer one of the largest volunteer programs in the city as well- boasting 70 different volunteer positions. As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’ and thus the Denver Dumb Friends League relies on the assistance of a large pool of animal loving volunteers. DDFL does require their volunteers to be 16 or older (although a junior volunteer program does exist as well!) and volunteers must commit to 3hrs/week for at least 6 months.

If interested in volunteering with the Denver Dumb Friends League you will need to:

  • complete an application
  • attend an orientation
  • interview (to find an ideal volunteer position)
  • attend a training class

3. Urban Wildlife Rescue 

The Urban Wildlife Rescue’s mission is to help as much wildlife in distress as possible, and to work with businesses and organizations on wildlife/environmental issues. Always in need of the help of wildlife loving animal lovers, the Urban Wildlife Rescue Inc. takes over 5,000 rescue calls annually. If you live in Denver and have any amount of time to donate, this is a great chance to give back, and see some native wildlife up close and personal. A rare opportunity indeed! Volunteers are needed to run BINGO, care for animals (springtime= bottle feeding babies!), and clean animal cages. Additionally, drivers are needed to pick up and transport donations.

4. Denver Animal Shelter

The Denver Animal Shelter is a municipal shelter that provides animal care & control for all of Denver County. Because they have an open-admission policy, the Denver Animal Shelter often houses many many animals in their care. Each year, they care for more than 8,000 needy animals. They are dedicated to providing humane care to animals, reuniting lost pets and owners, and adopting pets out into loving homes. 

The Denver Animal Shelter utilizes the help of volunteers to be sure that the animals in their care are as happy and comfortable as possible. Volunteering is great for your health too! Volunteering with animals has been shown to lower stress level, boost your immune system, and help you sleep well at night. 

We can’t recommend giving your time and love to shelter animals enough, it’s so incredibly amazing how they give it back to you ten-fold!


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  • Ivette says:

    My daughter is turning 10 in October. Instead of having a traditional b-day party she has requested to help at an animal shelter. Perhaps giving dogs a bath, walking them, feeding them. Is there a shelter near by in the Denver/Littleton area that may need some help?

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