Pet Volunteer in Chicago

Do you have a few spare hours one evening after work? An afternoon on the weekend you’re looking to fill? Catch the late train home and avoid the rush-hour commute! Why not donate your time to animals in need!? Volunteering at a local animal shelter or rescue league is a great way for PetParents to make an immediate difference in their community. Here are some of the best pet related volunteer opportunities in Chicago!

1. PAWS Chicago

At PAWS Chicago, over 70% of the PAWS Chicago Adoption Center’s daily needs are met and fulfilled by kindhearted volunteers. Volunteers at the adoption center work to get to know potential adopters and help them find a furry soul mate. You could be an adoption center host, giving tours of the location, or an adoptions counselor, helping to match families with waiting pets. The entire volunteer position breakdown can be found here. To become a volunteer and help PAWS Chicago on their mission of a No-Kill Chicago,  start the process by simply filling out your volunteer application.

2. City of Chicago Animal Care & Control

The City of Chicago has their own Animal Care & Control facility as well as the many non-profits that exist to care for Chicago’s large homeless animal population. The CACC offers a range of tasks for potential volunteers to choose from. Those who wish to work directly with the animals can be adoptions volunteers, where someone who might rather be hands-off can become a lost pet coordinator or even a customer service volunteer.

Uniquely, the CACC is also looking for a volunteer veterinarian (who is currently licensed in the state of Illinois) to assist them in certain cases and with various clinical needs. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, have a fingerprint and background check, take the volunteer orientation program and prove that you’ve received a tetanus shot within the last 5 years.

3. Be Fido’s Friend

Are you a dog-lover through and through? Then Be Fido’s Friend could be the perfect place for you to volunteer! Be Fido’s Friend is a non-profit that was started by 5 animal advocates. BFF is 100% volunteer run, so you can see how your donation of time and services truly goes a long way! Maybe you’d like to join Be Fido’s Friend in their mission to end canine homelessness in Chicago by education, spay/neutering, and using partnered resources to improve the lives of dogs in need. BFF needs volunteers most who can help in these four ways:  hands on animal care, foster home, fundraising, and various outreach needs.

4. The Animal Welfare League of Chicago

Volunteers are considered the helping hands of the Animal Welfare League, and helping hands are offered a diverse array of jobs to perform. Volunteering with the Animal Welfare League will allow you to enhance skills you already have, as well as learn a few new ones. You’ll become part of an incredible team of people who work together for the good of the animals in their care. The animals are so gracious and grateful that you’ll soon know just how needed and appreciated your volunteer efforts are! Volunteers are trained exactly the same was as a new staff member would be, and thus are prepared with all the skills and tools needed for the job. Volunteers are asked to be 16 or older. You can volunteer on site, off site, at fundraising events, by taking photos of the pets, and so much more! Fill out an application to get involved today!

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