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If you’re a PetParent, we’re willing to bet that your love of animals extends far and beyond the animals that you share your home with. Chances are you’re a sucker for every sweet dog at the park, or kitten in the window- the same as we are. Animal lovers are a compassionate group of people!

If you’ve been feeling the urge to give back, helping animals in need right from your local area is an enriching and supremely rewarding way of volunteering your time. With so many animals in need, and so many organizations willing to accept your help, we’re sure you’ll find a volunteer opportunity that is as beneficial to you, as it is to the animals and organization who will benefit from your gracious efforts.  Here are four of the best pet related volunteer opportunities in Austin, TX!

1. Austin Animal Center

Austin Animal Center is the largest shelter in Central Texas, and volunteers are an essential part of the team that provides care and service to all of the shelter animals in their care. The AAC trains their volunteers on animal behavior in the shelter environment and will tailor a volunteers work towards their interest and skill.

Because the AAC is such a large organization, there are a number of ways to getting involved with them. Walking dogs, socializing cats, providing food/water, cage clean up, working with the public, and more.  Additional information on volunteering, as well as volunteer applications can be found on the AAC website. Email with any questions.

2. Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive! started their rescue mission in 2008. They’ve been dedicated since the beginning to helping homeless animals, and preventing pet overpopulation. Austin Pets Alive! has implemented many revolutionary programs that have helped them to target populations of shelter animals that typically wouldn’t have made it to adoption, and ensure they find forever and loving homes. Some of their specific programs include: pulling Parvo puppies from other shelters, hand-raising neonatal orphaned kittens, a dog behavior program to support those in need of additional attention, barn cat program to find alternative homes for under-socialized cats, and even a PASS program that helps certain animals avoid shelter surrender all together.

Currently Austin Pets Alive! is seeking help with litters of orphaned kittens. Summer time is the season for kittens, and unfortunately many shelters have more kittens than they can handle this time of year. They need your help! There are two ways for you to get involved right now:

A. Become a foster homeFoster homes for kittens under 8 weeks old is the strongest need right now. These kittens will need to be fed at regular intervals (age depending) They are adorable little house-guests!

B. Work in the kitten nursery: Volunteers are asked to commit to a three hour shift each week. Stop in and care for kittens in a fun environment- feed them, clean cages, and keep their area clean/tidy. Orientation is provided.

3. Austin Humane Society

The Austin Humane Society is the largest no-kill and non-profit animal adoption center in Austin. The Austin Humane society is dedicated to Austin’s homeless dogs and cats, educating the community about responsible pet ownership, and reducing pet over-population.

There is an ongoing volunteer opportunity with the Austin Humane Society. They are currently seeking 10 volunteers to work as foster care providers. They’re constantly in need of animal loving people to open their homes temporarily to puppies, kittens, and even adult dogs and cats who simply need a temporary shelter on their journey towards a loving forever home.

Fostering animals is an extremely rewarding way of volunteering your time, and we think that you’ll find these animals are ever-grateful for your love and support! Fostering an animal allows the shelter to save more needy animals, because you’ve freed up precious space for another animal to be saved.

4. Animal Trustees of Austin

As a non-profit animal welfare organization, The Animal Trustees of Austin has a volunteer program that is quite open. If you’ve got some extra time to help walk the dogs, or spend time with the animals that’s great! Maybe you’re great at working with people, and would love to help new PetParents find their ideal companion! If you love animals, and have time to give, they can use your help! There is an hour long tour and orientation for each new volunteer, and then you’re able to choose your position.

The Animal Trustees of Austin is always accepting new volunteers! They ask that you reach out to them about volunteer opportunities when you are ready and they’ll help you find a way to give back that feels great to you!

Now that we’ve shared some great pet-related volunteer opportunities in Austin, we’d love to hear your story! Do you currently volunteer for a shelter or animal rescue organization? Have you ever? Leave us a note in the comments? 

We can’t recommend giving your time and love to shelter animals enough, you’ll be happy to know that they give it back to you ten-fold!


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