Pet Volunteer in Albuquerque

If you’re an animal lover in ABQ there are so many great ways to give back! Animal related volunteer opportunities abound, and the hardest task for you will simply be deciding which worthy organization to dedicate your time, energy, and efforts towards. Here are some of the best volunteer opportunities in Albuquerque!

1. New Mexico Animal Friends

The New Mexico Animal Friends group cares for companion animals in the Albuquerque area. Their mission is to rescue homeless dogs and cats and provide them with temporary, high quality care in foster homes until their forever homes are found. They promote animal welfare and education efforts in addition to spay/neuter clinics. The New Mexico Animal Friends organization doesn’t euthanize any healthy aniamls and they do everything in their power to find suitable homes for all the animals that come into their care. They can use volunteers in a variety of capacities.Work as a foster parent from the comfort of your own home, providing animals a sanctuary while the seek a forever family. The New Mexico Animal Friends are active in adoption clinics and can always use help transporting animals, and showing them during the events. Other ways to help: adopt a pet, donate funds or supplies, or become a member.

2. Animal Humane New Mexico

The Animal Humane New Mexico organization adores their volunteers, and they know that the exceptional care they provide to animals is due in large part to the dedication of their volunteers. They have the highest adoption rate in New Mexico, and provide an enriching learning experience and training program for their volunteers. Volunteers must simply be 16 or older, and there are many ways for your unique skills to shine through while volunteering with this organization. Animal Humane has a mission of supporting and improving the lives of dogs and cats in the New Mexico shelter system. Their vision is a society in which every animal is treated with compassion and respect so if that’s something you relate with this could be the ideal volunteer opportunity for you!

3. Watermelon Mountain Ranch 

First of all, who doesn’t want to volunteer at an animal center named Watermelon Mountain Ranch?! All cool names aside though, this animal center is unique in more ways than simply its name. Watermelon Mountain Ranch is New Mexico’s largest non-profit animal shelter. They’re also a no-kill facility. Two Saturdays each month they host a volunteer orientation- all new volunteers must attend an orientation. Anyone who is 16 of age or younger must have a parent volunteering with them at all times. Volunteer help is graciously appreciated at the animal shelter Wednesday-Sunday between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

Help with these types of tasks:

  • walk dogs
  • working with cats
  • adoption events
  • special events
  • fundraising
  • maintenance
  • landscaping

 4. Wildlife Rescue Inc. of New Mexico

If a passion for wildlife is in your heart, volunteering your spare time with a wildlife rehabilitation and rescue center can be a great way to fulfill a lifelong dream. The Wildlife Rescue Inc. of New Mexico accepts volunteers in many ways. A majority of their volunteers are wildlife rehabbers that the organizations reaches out to if an animal of their specialty needs care. If you posssess skills caring for a particular animal you’re invited to apply to be a wildlife rehabber. Those who don’t have this experience can still help out in many many ways!

  • feed baby birds
  • kitchen staff
  • desk/phone volunteer
  • match needy wildlife with appropriate rehabbers
  • transport wildlife to rehabbers
  • sales and donation
  • cage building & labor
  • supply pick up (produce, medical)
  • microscope maintenance/repair

If volunteering in any of these ways isn’t for you, consider becoming a member. Your membership donation will help the organization care for orphaned and injured wildlife. You’ll also receive their yearly publication and have admission to the general meetings.

We honestly can’t recommend volunteering your time and love to shelter animals and animal rescue organizations enough! You’ll be so happy to know that these grateful animals truly do give it back to you ten-fold!

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