What Shelters Really Need This Season

Tis’ the season for giving! Many of us are already helping with local drives to help out our great local shelters, some of you are even donating extra time to show a homeless dog some love. For those of you thinking about donating items to a shelter this time of year, check out this list first. Make sure that what you decide to donate is something they actually need and will use, so check out our list of what shelters really need this season. Special thanks to the Austin Animal Center for these great tips!!

 1. Jackets! Especially for the big guys!

If you think it is cold outside, think of how cold it is for a dog! Shelters could really use coats this time of year, especially for big dogs. The big guys get cold, too! So does your pup have a jacket or sweater he outgrew? Take it to your local shelter, so another pup can bundle up this time of year!

2. Treats, Treat, KONG!

Treats are a must at shelters! But of course nothing beats the king of all toys, the KONG, which can also help keep shelter dogs from going stir crazy while they wait for their forever homes. The AAC tells us they stuff KONGs with all kinds of stuff to help entertain and work the minds of our dogs when they’re locked up all day. So looking for the gift of all gifts to give a shelter? Go for the king, the KONG.

3. Food

This is a given, but food is always a delicious gift. Wondering what kind of food to get? Call your local shelter and check with them first. You want to make sure you donate a brand that they can take in, and that will sit well with the pups!

4. Beds

What could be better than a nice comfy bed for Christmas? Our guest blogger Kasey from AAC listed beds as one of the many items that shelters could use. So have an extra dog bed that you no longer use? Take it to your local shelter! New or used, those pups are going to love something comfy to curl up on.

5. Blankets, Blankets and more Blankets!

Who doesn’t have a plethora of extra blankets we found during that legit Target sale? Take those extra blankets to your local shelter! There are tons of kitties and pups that are going to need something warm to cover up with this season!

6. Dog Houses & Crates

Many shelters, as AAC explains, gives them away to people in the community who have outdoor dogs, but no shelters. In many cities outdoor dogs are required to have food, water, and shelter at all times. So have a dog house or cate that your is not so into? Take it to your local shelter! They will be sure to give it to a pup who will make it their castle!

7. Collars

New or used adjustable collars are always a good item to donate. Our guest blogger Kasey also listed collars as a great donatable item. So help a dog feel a little bit more snazzy this season with a sweet collar they can rock!

8. Flea and Tick Preventative

If you have a dog or a cat, you know that fleas are a terrible problem to have. They are hard to get rid of, and can be a real pester to you and your furry friend. Fleas are also very contagious between animals (as they can jump from animal to animal). Ticks are also a HUGE problem as they can spread lyme disease (Check out more facts about lyme disease on petmd). So donating any preventative medication or flea and tick collars can be a great help to shelter this season.

9. TOYS!

Like we mentioned above, shelter dogs and kitties can get very bored and easily go stir crazy. New or used toys are ALWAYS a great gift. They can give a pup or kitty something to play with, and exercise their mind, until their forever home comes to scoop them up.

10. Volunteers

There is nothing more valuable than your time. Spending time helping out at shelters, playing with some pups, and petting some great cats is always an amazing gift. Contact your local shelter to see how you can help!

This is the season for giving, so give to your local shelter. Whether you’re donating some toys, blankets, or your time any gift is a great donation to a shelter. Have any suggestions on what shelters could use this suggestion? Share them with us on Facebook! We would love to hear your feedback!

About the Austin Animal Center

Austin Animal Center located off the Levander Loop in East Austin, is one of the largest shelters in Travis County housing up to 23,000 animals annually. AAC works to give loving care to each animal that comes into their care, and works tirelessly to find them their forever homes. To contact AAC or to find your new best friend check out this link. If you are in Austin, check out this event they have going on!

Thanks to our guest blogger Kasey Spain from the Austin Animal Center for these great tips!

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