Hopeful Carly

From our friends at Noah’s Ark Rescue:

JASPER COUNTY, SC…If you want to know what is wrong in this World, then look at the sweet dog that wants nothing more than to be loved and the ABUSE she has endured for YEARS. Open up your EYES, people because now Carly no longer has eyes to OPEN. One of her eyes is out of the socket and destroyed, and the other is so infected, it will be a Miracle if we can save it.

One of my favorite quotes is by Albert Schweitzer, “Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.” Open up your eyes people and look at what your Friends and Neighbors are doing to Man’s Best Friend. If I didn’t witness the Love and Support daily from our Noah’s Arks Rescue Supporters and Family, I would completely give up on Humanity.  How can humans be so different? The problem is that the Moral Compass in this Country is swinging in the wrong direction. I see an animal that is suffering or wandering around helpless and run toward the animal to help. Even if I wanted to turn my back, who I am would never allow it. I am not capable of turning my back on a helpless animal or doing harm to one. It just isn’t in my DNA as it isn’t in the DNA of most of the Noah’s Arks Rescue Community. Who are these so called inhuman people that find so much joy in doing harm? This has got to stop, but it will not stop until people stand up for the animals and call out their Friends and Neighbors that are doing this.

Carly is the sweetest five-year-old small Pitbull that JARM (Jasper Animal Rescue Mission) contacted us about yesterday. Carly’s owner died approx. three years ago and she has been roaming the streets in Jasper County since then. She has had liter after liter, and no one thinks about getting her spayed and giving her a home.  The only way someone finally decided she needed help was after she was beaten so badly that she can’t see. Her face is swollen as if she was hit across the bridge of her nose and eyes with a steel pipe. We are doing x-rays this morning and have her finally out of pain. The other big issue we have is that her chest is so full of heart worms that we can’t even sedate her. We have to get her to a Cardiologist once we get her stable. The other issue is that her teeth have been ground down to the gums, and her roots are exposed. Every tooth is this way, and she is in pain beyond pain because of this. I am surprised she is not thin as a rail because everything that touches her gums is like an electric shock of pain.

The saddest part of all this is she is wagging her tail and crawling up to you, so you don’t hit her. All she wants is a PAT on the head, and she is not sure if she is going to be hit or loved. She does not appear to have one aggressive bone in her fragile body. She has been beaten down so many times; it will be years before she will be able to raise her head for LOVE without cowering. This pup has everyone in tears at the inhumanity of Mankind.

We need every dollar we can get to turn Carly’s Life around.   It is going to take the entire Noah’s Arks Rescue Village to save this amazing dog. We are all she has in a World full of people that walk around her as if they are BLIND. Please, Please, Please, OPEN your eyes and LOOK at Carly. She deserves unconditional Love and the best Medical Care we can give her.  Help Us, Help Her by learning more and DONATING.

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