Wire Fox Terrier Rescues

The Wire Fox Terrier is a bold, friendly, and alert breed.  They absolutely love being outdoors and require lots of exercise, so they would make a good pet for an active and outdoorsy type.  Though small, these dogs have big personalities and would do well with an owner who understands terriers.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Wire Fox Terriers really love to dig, but they also love being in the water.

2. Some famous PetParents to the Wire Fox Terrier are Charles Darwin, Charles M. Schulz, and Albert Einstein!

3. This breed is loved for its bouncy energy and overall spunkiness.

4.  The Wire Fox Terrier is a result of the crossbreeding of the Dachshund, English Hound, Beagle, Fox Hound, and the extinct Black & Tan Terrier.

5. One of the most famous Wire Fox Terriers was Skippy (aka Asta) who appeared in several Hollywood hits during the 1930’s.  This helped popularize the breed in the United States.

6. One of the key physical traits of the Wire Fox Terrier are their scruffy beards.

7. When Wire Fox Terriers get happy, their tails don’t wag.  Instead, their tails quiver.

8. The Wire Fox Terrier does extremely well in dog shows, with thirteen Best of Show wins (more than any other breed has ever won).

9. These dogs can be suited for apartment life, but need to be exercised regularly if they do not have a backyard.

10. Wire Fox Terriers do not do well with children normally, but do well in family settings with older kids and adults.

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