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The Whippet is a quiet and intelligent breed.  When they aren’t exercising or chasing things, they love being lazy. These dogs are known to be a bit couch potato-like despite their racing genes.  They are a gentle breed and make excellent house or apartment dogs!

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Originally bred for racing and hunting small game, the Whippet was once called “the poor man’s racing horse.”

2. Whippets are descended from Greyhounds. Greyhounds that were too small to hunt became racing dogs, giving rise to the Whippet!

3. Whippets have very thin skin and are prone to scrapes, tears, and nicks.

4. Whippets also get cold very easily and lots of them wear coats in winter to keep warm.

5. The Whippet barely ever sheds and are super low maintenance when it comes to grooming.  Their short thin coats require only occasional brushing.

6. The Whippet is ranked as the #1 fastest breed of dog reaching speeds up to 35 mph!

7. Shock collars and electric fences are not recommended for Whippets.  If they see something they want to chase, they will ignore the shock and run after it.

8. Whippets have also been nicknamed “the poor man’s Greyhound.”

9. Whippets come in a wide variety of colors from solid black to solid white with grey, fawn, red, brindle, cream, or blue.

10. The Whippet’s name comes from an archaic English word now obsolete in every day language.  The word “whippet” means “to move briskly.”

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