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The Welsh Terrier is a lively and energetic breed.  Originally bred as a hunting dog, the Welsh Terrier loves to get out for some serious exercise.  They get along well with children and can withstand rough play with rambunctious little ones, but you should always keep an eye on them. These peppy and active dogs require lots of training and do well in homes where rules are clearly established.  A Welsh Terrier would make an excellent family or companion dog!

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Welsh Terrier looks almost like a mini version of the Airedale Terrier, but the two breeds are unrelated despite their doppleganger-like looks.

2. The Welsh Terrier was originally bred as a hunting dog, hunting small game like rodents, foxes, and badgers.

3. One of the most famous Welsh Terrier PetParents was John F. Kennedy.  He owned a Welsh Terrier named Charlie.

4. The Welsh Terrier is ranked as the 53rd smartest dog breed!

5. Welsh Terriers are actually born almost completely black in color.  With age, they develop their characteristic black and tan grizzle.

6. This breed does not shed very much, but does require a regular brushing and trimming.

7. While Welsh Terriers are very intelligent, they are also very independent.  This dog will challenge his owner and will tend to be very free thinking.

8. The Welsh Terrier is a relatively healthy breed with only one breed specific health problem, being that some dogs develop Glaucoma. They are known to remain active in their elder years too!

9. Some breed enthusiasts refer to the Welsh Terrier as the “Welshie.”

10. Welsh Terriers LOVE to chase things.  For this reason, you should always be sure to leash your Welshie when taking him out for a walk!

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