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The Vizsla, is a Hungarian hunting breed that was developed around the same time as the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weimeraner and shares many of their same physical and behavioral characteristics. Vizslas are the smallest of the pointer breeds, giving them an advantage and preference with hunters due to their compact size and portability.  

The Vizsla is simultaneously smart and trainable, as well as sensitive and gentle. It is highly recommended to go through obedience classes with a Vizsla as they relish in the attention and opportunity to work side by side with their owner. 

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Top 10 Facts

1. Vizsla’s are recognized for their striking yellow/gold eyes.

2.  Vizsla’s have a golden rust colored coat.

3.  Sadly, Vizslas are prone to hip dysplasia.

4.  Like other short coated hunting breeds, their grooming maintenance is minimal.

5.  The average lifespan is 9-11 years.

6.  Sometimes called ‘velcro dogs’ because of their love of being with family.

7.  Vizsla’s became AKC recognized in 1960.

8.  A Vizsla makes a good pointer or retriever.

9.  A Vizsla has a trotting gait similar to a horse.

10. Highly trainable, above average.

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