Standard Schnauzer Rescues

The Standard Schnauzer, often referred to as just the Schnauzer, is a lively, devoted, and  intelligent breed.  They are the middle size breed amongst the Schnauzer family which also includes the Giant Schnauzer and the Miniature Schnauzer . These dogs need lots of early socialization and training to stay happy and healthy.  They would make a great companion animal for an active single or family.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Schnauzers were originally bred as herding and guard dogs, and are classified as working or utility dogs.

2. Standard Schnauzers typically have an average lifespan of 12-13 years.

3. One Schnauzer named George has been reported to be able to smell cancer.

4.  These dogs used to be known as kinderwachters in Germany because of their intense guardian instincts and loving nature around children.  However, it should be noted that you should always supervise their interactions with children.

5. Schnauzers come in either black or salt and pepper color types.

6. It’s been said that famous painters such as Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer, and Sir Joshua Reynolds painted Schnauzers.

7. The Schnauzer is an overall healthy breed.  Less than 1% of all registered Schnauzers have serious health issues.

8. They do well in most climates and can withstand both hot summers and cold winters.

9. As puppies, Schnauzers absolutely love to test their limits and explore as much as possible.

10. These dogs’ tails and ears are traditionally docked at birth, but many breeders have started to do it only if the dog will be used for show purposes.

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