Saint Bernard Rescues

The Saint Bernard, is a giant working breed. They were bred for rescuing people trapped in avalanches in the Swiss Alps. These intuitive dogs would search for people in packs, and once located, they would and lay down with and lick the avalanche victims to keep them warm while help was reached. No formal training needed, the puppies would learn these skills by observing the adult dogs in action.

This low energy breed is only moderately playful, and have a touch of stubbornness in them. Socialization and establishment of rules is essential before these dogs outweigh you PetParents!

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Top 10 Facts:    

1. Perhaps the ‘drooliest’ of breeds, St. Bernard’s require a lot of face wiping to stay clean as they droop after eating and drinking as well as for no reason at all!

2. Extremely friendly, Saints love the company of other dogs, animals, and people.

3. The most famous St. Bernard is ‘Barry’ who was credited with saving 40+ lives!

4. Saints have a patient, gentle nature, making them wonderful with children.

5. St. Bernard’s have a red and white coat, often with black around the face and ears.

6. A very cold tolerant pup, the St. Bernard is not a fan of the heat.

7. The St. Bernard can have either a long or rough (short) cot-both coat types shed twice a year.

8. St. Bernard’s were originally called ‘the alpine mastiff’

9. This is a giant breed with an average weight of 110-200 pounds.

10. This breed is prone to hip dysplasia because of their rapid growth and development as puppies.

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