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The Spinone Italiano is a gentle, loyal, and patient breed.  They’ve got a great stamina and energy and enjoy active lifestyles.  These dogs love their people and do not do well when left alone for long periods of time.  They are excellent bird dogs for PetParents who hunt too!  The Spinone Italiano would make a great family pet or a companion animal for an active single.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Spinone Italiano breed is thought to date back to the 15th century. Although they were not officially recognized as a breed by Spinone Italiano until the 19th century, a breed called the Spinoso existed and was depicted in paintings by artists such as Andrea Mantegna.

2. The Spinone Italiano has also been popular with the royals, and the  British Duchess of Northumberland is known to have one called Fuzzy.

3. The Spinone’s rough coat protects it from thorny territories when they are out hunting.  Their coats should always have a rough and shaggy quality to them.

4. If you’re a PetParent who loves taking to the trails, the Spinone might be the dog for you!  These dogs are known to be spectacular hiking companions.

5. The Spinone Italiano only made it’s way to the United Staes relatively recently, but their popularity continues to grow.

6. This breed almost went extinct during World War II, where they were widely used by the Italian military due to their durable coats and excellent tracking skills.

7. The Spinone Italianos are known for their shaggy looks and mesmerizing brown or yellow eyes, which compliment their brown, orange, or white coats beautifully.

8. The Spinone Italiano is susceptible to health problems like hip dysplasia, cerbellar ataxia, and has an average life span of about 8 to 9 years old.

9. While the most popular hunting dog in Italy is the Braccio Italiano, the Spinone Italiano is also a very popular breed.

10. The Spinone Italiano would do best in a spacious home where a large yard is available, and are not suited to apartment life.

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