Austrailian Silky Terrier Rescues

The Australian Silky Terrier, or silky as they’re often called are an ideal small breed. They have a long lifespan, and encourage their owners to be active-either playing ball or going for walks. Silky’s get along well with other dogs and are known to be quite playful.

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Top 10 Facts:  

1. Silky Terriers shed little or no hair. Great for those with allergies.

2. Toy sized, the silky terrier has the energy and attitude of a true terrier breed.

3. Silky Terriers were originally brought to the US after WW2 by air men who had been stationed in Australia. They’ve been popular here ever since.

4. This breed is slightly longer than it is tall, having very short legs.

5. They love to fetch a tennis ball and can keep up for long family walks.

6. Silky’s have a lifespan of 12-15 years and weigh 8-11 lbs.

7. Related to both the Australian Terrier & the Yorkshire Terrier, all three breeds are similar in appearance.

8. They are high maintenance grooming, requiring daily brushing to avoid mats and tangles.

9. Like most terriers, the Silky is alert and active. Known to bark at unusual sounds to alert their owner.

10. Silky Terriers have a gray and white or blue and tan coat.

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