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The Samoyed, more affectionately known as the Sammy, is an extremely friendly breed.  Finding an aggressive Samoyed is extremely rare;  they are known to be amazing with children too!  Sammies would make a great addition to a family home as well as any home where they’ll be around people or other animals all the time.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Samoyed gets it’s name from the Samoyedic peoples, the indigenous people of Siberia where the Samoyed was originally bred over 3,000 years ago.

2. The Samoyed was first used as a reindeer herding dog by a tribe of nomadic reindeer herders in Siberia.  They will often try to herd children due to their natural instincts.

3. One characteristic of the Samoyed is that it emits no natural odor. It is even said that if they are marked with a scent that they shed the scent relatively quickly.

4. One characteristic of the Sammy is his pristine white coat.  Many might think that this requires tons of grooming on the owners part, but Sammies are actually much like cats and take care of most of their grooming themselves.  Some brushing on your part will be required though.

5. Samoyeds shed their coats twice a year.  Because their fur is warm but also lightweight, some collect this shed Samoyed fur for sweaters or coats.

6. The first Samoyed to come to the United States belonged to the Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia.

7. If you talk directly to a Sammy, he’ll talk back.  Sammies are known to “talk” or “sing” to their owners when they interact directly with them.

8. The Samoyed breed is part of the Spitz breed family which includes other breeds like the Shiba Inu, Siberian Husky, the Karelian Bear Dog, and many more.

9. A socialized Sammy is happy and healthy Sammy.  They do not do well with being alone for several hours at a time and have been known to chew off their leg and tail hair if they are left alone for too long.

10. Sammies also have a history of being on the big screen!  You may have seen a Sammy in the recent film starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds called The Proposal!

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