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The Saluki is a gentle, aloof, and affectionate breed.  They tend to get bored easily and do not do well if left at home for long amounts of time.  They make act reserved towards strangers, but never aggressive.  They love to snuggle, and think they’re lap dogs despite their size.  They’d make a great addition to a family with older children or to an active single seeking a companion animal and running partner!

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Top 10 Facts: 

1. The Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds around, dating back to the 6th millennium BC.

2. They were revered in ancient Egypt, and some Salukis were mummified along with Egyptian royalty.

3. These dogs are often mistaken for Greyhounds due to their similar slender bodies.

4.  The Saluki can come in almost many color and comes in two coat varieties being a long silky coat or a fluffy feathery coat.

5.  Salukis were actually bred originally for hunting gazelles, foxes, jackals, and hares. They love to run and require lots of exercise.

6.  Another physical trait of the Saluki is their large heart.  It is much larger than the average dog’s heart and beats at a slower rate to help with endurance while running.

7.  One of the distinguishing traits of the Saluki is the extra hair on its paws, which helps these dogs run on rough terrain.

8.  The Saluki lives on average from 12t to 16 years, but experiences common health problems like eye issues as well as thyroid issues.

9.  These dogs are not recommended for families with small children because or for first time dog owners because they are difficult to train and may be a bit nippy with young ones.

10. The Saluki has been called lots of things over the years including the Persian Greyhound, the Royal Dog of Egypt, and the Arabian Sighthound.

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