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The Portuguese Water Dog is an intelligent, loyal companion. Their name is often shortened to ‘portie’ for the ease of conversation. Once a breed near the edge of extinction, their survival can be attributed to one wealthy Portuguese business man named Vasco Bensaude who took up a passionate interest in the breed. Nearly half the Porties in existence today have lineage that traces directly back to his prized stud male named ‘Leao’.

Portuguese Water Dogs’ coats are typically kept in one of two ways: the ‘lion cut’ or the ‘retriever cut’ both of which help their owners best maintain their constantly growing hair. It is thought that the poodle and several other breeds originated through the Portuguese Water Dog lineage.

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Top 10 Facts:   

1. The Portuguese Water Dog is a ham- always looking for a laugh or giggle out of his human counterparts.

2. Porties are a working breed, originally used to help fishermen by herding fish into their nets.

3. Portuguese Water Dogs are a non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed- ideal for dog lovers with allergies.

4. Porties are solid black, white, or black & white. White spots on the chest and feet of black Porties is very common.

5.  The Portuguese Water Dog has an extreme level of endurance, being bred to swim all day- and they make excellent jogging partners.

6. Porties come with two different coat varieties- curly and wavy- each requiring a different type of maintenance.

7. The Obama’s made Portuguese Water Dogs a more famous breed after they acquired their first dog ‘Bo’. They have since added another PWD ‘Sunny’ to the family.

8. In its native country of Portugal the Portuguese Water Dog is known as ‘Cao de Agua’ which literally translates to ‘dog of the water’.

9. Porties weigh in between 40-60 lbs and are a sturdy, solid dog.

10. A PWD’s average life span is 11-14 years of age.

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