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The Papillon is a confident and alert dog who is highly trainable and excels at learning new tricks. Perpetually smiling, the Papillon is a breed that fits in well with many different families due to it’s adaptable nature. Papillons were bred to be companions to royalty and have appeared in the portraits of many queens and princesses throughout history. Papillons are more active and high energy than some of the other toy breeds and require a daily walk to be truly happy and adjusted.

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Top 10 Facts:

1.  Papillon is the french word for ‘butterfly’. The breed is aptly named because their fringed ears resemble a butterfly’s wings.

2.  Due to it’s alert nature, a Papillon makes a good watch dog- ready to alert to anything out of the ordinary.

3.  Papillons are one of the oldest breeds on record, having changed very little since their original development.

4.  All Papillons have a white coat with patches of color. The color can vary from black, brown, tan to orange.

5.  There is a ‘dropped ear’ variety that are referred to as ‘Phalene’ instead of Papillon.

6. Papillons are happy go lucky, and outgoing making them one of the more cheerful breeds. They are said to always be smiling.

7.  Regular grooming is necessary with this breed, but Papillons don’t have an undercoat so their grooming needs are not excessive.

8.  Papillons are best described as ‘elegant & dainty’, their thin legs are prone to breaking and extra care must be taken when handling them.

9.  The Papillon has a lifespan of 13-16 years, meaning their one companion who intends to stick around awhile.

10. A very smart breed- Papillons excel at learning new tricks and love to perform and be the center of attention.

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