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The Old English Sheepdog, also known as OES, is a large woolly breed.  This social and adaptable dog has the intelligence of a herding dog, but is also known to be a bit of a couch potato.  They are a loving breed that thrives in a rural setting, but can adapt to rural settings with proper training and exercise.  Old English Sheepdogs love people (and children) and would make a great family dog or companion animal.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Some people refer to the OES as the “Dulux” dog.  This is because the OES has been Dulux Paint Company’s mascot for over 50 years running!

2. If you’re a neat freak, the Old English Sheepdog is NOT for you.  This lovable yet messy breed is known to drool and shed like crazy.

3. Any Disney movie fan will know that Old English Sheepdogs are everywhere in film!  Famous Disney OES-es include Max from The Little Mermaid and the dog in The Shaggy Dog, both the 1959 and 2006 versions.

4. When the breed first arrived in the US in the early 1880’s, the Old English Sheepdog was owned primarily by wealthy families.  This garnered influence with the American Kennel Club who recognized the OES as an official breed by 1885.  The breed remained considered a  “rich man’s dog” until the 1950’s.

5. The Old English Sheepdog’s coat is one that requires frequent brushing and lots of care.  Some owners shave their sheepdogs and spin it into yarn!

6. The OES can come in a variety of colors including grey, grizzle, blue merle, blue or black, with optional white markings.

7. While their docked tails are a required trait for show purposes, the Old English Sheepdog is not born with a naturally docked tail. Many breeders will dock their tails at birth, but it is becoming more common to see these sheepdogs wagging their full length tails around!

8. Originally bred for working and herding purposes, the Old English Sheepdog’s coat was originally kept quite short rather than long and fluffy.

9. Other names for the Old English Sheepdog include the Shepherd’s Dog as well as the Bob-tailed Sheepdog.

10. These dogs can be quite silly in temperament and have even been describe as “clown-like.”

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