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The Norwich Terrier  is a brave, and hardworking terrier. More sensitive to scolding than most, he is otherwise ‘totally terrier’. The Norwich Terrier was bred to hunt rats in stables and run with their owners on horseback. They have a lot of endurance for their small size, and require regular daily exercise.

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Top 10 Facts:  

1. There is no denying that the Norwich Terrier is stubby legged & stocky.

2. Highly adaptable, the Norwich Terrier can live in house or apartment as long as he’s getting the proper exercise.

3. Norwich Terriers always have pointed, pricked ears. A drop-ear variety is called the Norfolk Terrier.

4. A coarse, wiry, waterproof coat provides protection on the hunt. Norwich Terriers can be rust, red, wheaten, or black and tan in color.

5. Bred to control small vermin, they have a high prey drive & willingness to work.

6. A typical terrier, these dogs are ‘constantly hungry’ and all about the treats!

7. Norwich Terriers are a fairly unknown breed of dog because they are difficult to breed- many needing C-sections to deliver.

8. Norwich Terriers also have small litters of 2-3 puppies.

9. Norwich Terriers live an average of 13-15 years of age.

10. The Norwich Terrier was originally bred in East Anglia, England.

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