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The Norfolk Terrier is a spirited, companionable, and fearless breed. These feisty fluffy friends are great dogs to add to a family with others already present, because they bond well with other canines.  They bark much less than other members of the terrier family, but are prone to barking if they are left alone for too long. These dogs have generally even temperaments and are a good dog for a first time dog owner

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Norfolk Terrier has been used since the 19th century as a fox and badger hunting dog.

2.  The Norfolk Terrier used to be considered a variety of Norwich Terrier, but were recognized as their own breed in 1964. The distinguishing trait between the Norwich and the Norfolk are the Norfolk’s droopy ears.

3. Norfolk Terriers come in red, wheaten, black & tan, and grizzle.

4. The Norfolk is probably a result of the crossbreeding of the Cairn Terrier, Glen of Immals and Dandie Dinmonts.

5. The Norfolk and Norwich terriers are considered to be the smallest of the working terrier breeds.

6.  Though tiny, these dogs are anything but fragile.  They are very hardy dogs with sturdy and low set bodies.

7. The Norfolk Terrier has a wiry coat that requires regular stripping.

8. The average life span of a Norfolk Terrier is 8-14 years, although some have been known to live as long as 17 years.

9. These dogs are extremely agile and love to run.  They’re also very good at digging, so be sure that your fence is secure.

10.  To keep the Norfolk entertained, try playing frisbee, flyball, or water sports! These dogs are known to love lure courses as well.

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