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The Newfoundland is a giant breed, but he’s undoubtedly a gentle giant. Fondly called  Newfs or Newfies, this breed resembles a giant teddy bear with a sweet furry face.  Thanks to their water resistant coat and webbed feed, the Newfoundland is at home in the water. They instinctively know and understand how to rescue people in trouble in the water, and many stories exist of these dogs saving a drowning person with absolutely no formal training. In fact, a fisherman’s Newfie was rumored to have jumped in to save Napoleon Bonaparte after he fell overboard a ship while in exile.

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Top 10 Facts

1.  Newfoundlands have highly webbed feet, making them an excellent swimmer. Their coat repels water and keeps them warm in icy temps.

2.  Newfies have an average life expectancy of 8-10 years which is decent for a dog their size.

3.  Newfies are selected often for work in Search & Rescue missions- they are use especially during water rescue which can sometimes involve jumping out of a helicopter into rough seas.

4.  Newfoundlands are typically solid black. However, chocolate or black and whit (called ‘Landseer’) coats are sometimes seen too.

5.  Newfies are prone to hip displaysia due to their rapid growth and should be on a regiment through their vet to help prevent this and stabilize their bones and joints during puppy hood.

6.  Newfoundlands were bred as a working dog, utilized to help fishermen pull in their nets. They are easy to train and generally willing workers.

7.  This breed is known for a sweet disposition and fondness of children.

8.  A member of the ‘working group’ of breeds. Newfoundlands excel at a wide range of homesteading tasks.

9. The Newfoundland is a drooly breed thanks to their large jowls and floppy lips

10.  Newfies top out the scale at 100-150 pounds, making them one of today’s largest breeds.

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